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All things work for good to those who believe – Chere Pinkston – 06-10-2018

L.U.T. Chere Pinkston will make reference to Mendhi Audlin’s book. “What If It All Goes Right?” which reveals the secret to turning possibilities like these into a tangible reality.
You can master the essential skills for thriving in today’s rapidly changing society: the imagination to quickly identify innovative solutions for unprecedented challenges, and the wisdom to bring these ideas to fruition through “inspired action.”
When you are ready to get “unstuck,” stop spinning your wheels and step off the treadmill of counterproductive actions, What If It All Goes Right? shows you the way. Discover step by step how to bring peace, prosperity and possibility into every area of your life… one thought at a time!

What if this is the answer you’ve been waiting for?

Reconnecting With Your Soul Energy – Jeanne Hunter LUT -01 – 28 – 2018

When we are in the flow of essence we are physically and emotionally energized.

The false sense of being has our mind wondering here and there, and Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within.

Our soul sits on the sideline waiting for us to pay attention to the truths that we already know. That we are able to distinguish what our ego is telling us from the reality of the situation, if we simply turn to the Light of ourselves.

Perhaps this is partly what the bushel basket parable is about. Hiding our inner Light from ourselves. It is with us always. Willing, waiting patiently to be invited into the mainstream of our lives.

This is what our yearning is all about. To know our God selves and in the doing to remember God, the all, the everything that is, was, and ever will be.

More Than A River In Egypt – Jennifer Birdie Shawker, R.N. LUT Candidate – 01-21-2018

In the words of Mark Twain, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” This is true for more than one reason for those who use affirmative prayer with the practices of Affirmations and Denials. These powerful practices have the potential to facilitate inner transformation. Because of the multiple meanings of the word, “denial,” composing Denials can present a challenge for some people. What’s the difference between being in a state of denial and using Denials? Are they connected? Is there anything that can help to negate all the confusion?

Free and Unlimited Jeanne Gardiner Hunter, LUT 1-1-12

Now that we have gently released 2011 in the Burning Bowl, we have created spiritual space, and we are free and unlimited in the coming year. What do you intend to do with your freedom?

Challenge September 24, 2017 11:00 a.m.

“Creating Heaven on Earth” Message Series
We’ve been talking about Creating Heaven on Earth, heaven as translated from the Greek word for expansion. Sometimes life gives us challenges and sometimes we take them on. As we wrap up our series of the 5 C’s, the fifth discipline, Challenge, takes our spiritual growth to a whole new level. When things are good, how do you challenge yourself? Beyond thinking about things that are challenging, we now consider spiritual challenge. Rather from ego challenges like achievements, how do we fulfill our soul’s desire?  Where do we go from here? Join us as Reverend Judy wraps up this series and completes her time with us as our Minister.
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Prosperity’s Ten Commandments! April 30, 11:00 a.m.

Starting this Sunday, we begin a series based on Prosperity’s Ten Commandments, authored by brilliant metaphysician and Unity minister, Georgiana Tree West. Combining an ancient foundational teaching of right relation of the Hebrew people with their Creator and to each other, we will expand the traditional understanding of the Ten Commandments, revealing them as guidelines to a happy, prosperous life. You will learn how to use this wisdom not only in financial affairs but also in everyday living.

First up!—You shall look to no other source but God for your supply.

Prosperity is more than money! We include life, love, wisdom, right relationships, health and joy, as well as financial aspects. It is a natural result of realizing Unity’s foundational principle that God is good and everywhere present! Join us as we take our first step into prosperity consciousness!

Rev. Judy

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‘I speak no (profane) word of limitation’ May 21, 11:00 a.m.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments
Third Commandment – ‘I speak no (profane) word of limitation’
As we continue our exploration of Prosperity’s Ten Commandments,
we look deeply into the third commandment regarding wrongful use of the name of God.
Profanity is beyond using curse words. Our words have power. How do we condemn ourselves to poverty, illness, fear and lack?
More helpful is to discover how to shift our consciousness to one of prosperity!  If God is good and everywhere present, what is left to curse?
See you Sunday at 11:00 am!
Rev. Judy

You Shall Not Seek Something for Nothing July 16 11:00 a.m.

“Balanced compensation is a necessary part of the foundation of permanent prosperity.” As we expand our prosperity consciousness, we explore the 8th Prosperity Commandment “You shall not seek something for nothing.” Garnered from the traditional 8th commandment “You shall not steal,” this teaching is about the law of compensation. Wealth (read well-being) is the manifestation of the state of mind. A poverty consciousness often reflects a mind that is filled with fear of lack or other blocks to the goodness of God. We discover this law is always at work and “The thief steals from himself” (Emerson). Sometimes for most important part of learning is to unlearn our erroneous beliefs. Join us as we learn and/or unlearn as we continue our journey to a consciousness of prosperity.
Rev. Judy

“You shall Make no Mental Images of Lack.” May 7. 2017 11:00 a.m.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments

Second Commandment – 
“You shall make no mental images of lack.”
Since last Sunday we learned to obey prosperity’s first commandment and look to God for our supply, we are able to hold mental images of the fulfillment of our needs in the face of all appearance to the contrary.  Right??  While it may be obvious to us today that the golden calf of the Israelites was a graven idol, we may not see our own images or idols that represent lack.
Our metaphysical teachings consider mental images, not just physical idols.  “The mental image is the mold that the creative power of mind fills” states metaphysician and Unity minister, Georgiana Tree West in her book
Prosperity’s Ten Commandments.
Where does your “thought train” lead to? Love, wisdom, health, wealth?  What does a “jealous” God actually mean?  Are we to be stuck in our current state or situations?  Take an hour to be with us as we examine beyond our golden calf thoughts and take our second step into prosperity consciousness!
Rev. Judy

You Shall Deal Honorably With God and With All Human Instruments Through Whom God’s Good is Manifested For You.” May 14, 2017

In honor of Mother’s Day, we will jump ahead to #5 of Prosperity’s Ten commandments! “You shall deal honorably with God and with all human instruments through whom God’s good is manifested for you.”Let’s explore what it means to “honor”!  We will look at the Divine Feminine found in all of us!  Let’s take another adventurous step in our prosperity!
Rev. Judy

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