Reconnecting With Your Soul Energy – Jeanne Hunter LUT -01 – 28 – 2018

When we are in the flow of essence we are physically and emotionally energized.

The false sense of being has our mind wondering here and there, and Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within.

Our soul sits on the sideline waiting for us to pay attention to the truths that we already know. That we are able to distinguish what our ego is telling us from the reality of the situation, if we simply turn to the Light of ourselves.

Perhaps this is partly what the bushel basket parable is about. Hiding our inner Light from ourselves. It is with us always. Willing, waiting patiently to be invited into the mainstream of our lives.

This is what our yearning is all about. To know our God selves and in the doing to remember God, the all, the everything that is, was, and ever will be.

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