“You shall Make no Mental Images of Lack.” May 7. 2017 11:00 a.m.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments

Second Commandment – 
“You shall make no mental images of lack.”
Since last Sunday we learned to obey prosperity’s first commandment and look to God for our supply, we are able to hold mental images of the fulfillment of our needs in the face of all appearance to the contrary.  Right??  While it may be obvious to us today that the golden calf of the Israelites was a graven idol, we may not see our own images or idols that represent lack.
Our metaphysical teachings consider mental images, not just physical idols.  “The mental image is the mold that the creative power of mind fills” states metaphysician and Unity minister, Georgiana Tree West in her book
Prosperity’s Ten Commandments.
Where does your “thought train” lead to? Love, wisdom, health, wealth?  What does a “jealous” God actually mean?  Are we to be stuck in our current state or situations?  Take an hour to be with us as we examine beyond our golden calf thoughts and take our second step into prosperity consciousness!
Rev. Judy

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