You Shall Not Seek Something for Nothing July 16 11:00 a.m.

“Balanced compensation is a necessary part of the foundation of permanent prosperity.” As we expand our prosperity consciousness, we explore the 8th Prosperity Commandment “You shall not seek something for nothing.” Garnered from the traditional 8th commandment “You shall not steal,” this teaching is about the law of compensation. Wealth (read well-being) is the manifestation of the state of mind. A poverty consciousness often reflects a mind that is filled with fear of lack or other blocks to the goodness of God. We discover this law is always at work and “The thief steals from himself” (Emerson). Sometimes for most important part of learning is to unlearn our erroneous beliefs. Join us as we learn and/or unlearn as we continue our journey to a consciousness of prosperity.
Rev. Judy

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